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Affiliate Tips - Redirect Your Links

Affiliate links can be long and unsightly.  So, to help clean things up a bit and to help make it easier on you to keep track of your links here's the code and directions for redirecting your affiliate link on your own website.

How to Set Up a Redirect Link

In this example, we are going to use the Journey to Joy package as an example.

First, create a new page in your web building software and name it journey-to-joy or something similar that will help you to remember it. 

Next, insert the following code in the HTML section of your page.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=http://youraffiliatelink">



Once you have the code entered, be sure to replace the words youraffiliatelink above with, you guessed it, your Journey to Joy affiliate link.  This will create a link that looks like this:  http://yoursitename.com/journeytojoy

Save the page and Viola! you've just created a redirect! :) Congratulations! Now, whenever you want to send someone to the Journey to Joy sales page, just post that link in your promotions.

You can use this same code for any affiliate links you have, so why not set up a redirect for all of your affiliate links today?


Need Help or Have a Request?  

Are you looking for a specific promotional tool and can't find it here on the site?  Send Arika an email letting her know what you would like to see we'll do our best to get it put together for you.


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