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Affiliate Tip: Private Label Rights (PLR) Content


What is PLR content, anyway?

PLR, or private label content, is content that you can purchase (usually in a membership package or bundle) that is already written for you.  You receive the rights to the content once you purchase it and can use it as your own.

PLR content is meant to be reworked before using it.  You take the prewritten content and "make it your own".

Why should I use PLR content when I can just write my own and/or use reprint articles written by others?

Why limit yourself to so few options? 

Writing your own articles takes a lot of time, especially if writing isn't your strong point.  You've got enough work to do with your other important business tasks like marketing and growing your business. 

That's not to say you shouldn't write any articles, yourself.  You absolutely should, but you don't have to limit yourself to just those.

Free reprint articles are a good source of content, but with search engines cracking down on duplicate content more and more it's a smart business move to offer your visitors more other perspectives.

Believe it or not, duplicate content penalties is NOT the biggest reason you shouldn't only use reprint articles on your site.   Free reprint articles require you to include the author's bio and by using them, you're giving your visitors a free pass to leave your site via the links included there.  You want your visitors to see you as the expert in your market so keep them comfy on YOUR site.

Where can I find PLR content?

Depending on who you market to, where you find the right PLR content for you, may be different than others.  You can do a search for PLR content in your niche online, but be cautious about which memberships you join.  You'll find a list below detailing some of the more important points in a PLR membership.  Here are a few examples of quality PLR memberships that receive Real Life Affiliates seal of approval (and they fit well with the products here too:

All Private Label Content -You'll find 3 different membership choices, including Mom, Marketing, and Health content here.  You can also simply buy an article bundle centered around topics such as teens, self-improvement, and more.  Choose the membership or bundle that's right for you by clicking here.

Easy PLR - Choose an article pack that fits your market.  You can choose from packs like organization, women's health, weight loss and lots more, but hurry because the number of each pack sold is limited to 60.  Once they're gone that's it, you won't be able to buy that pack again.  Head over and check out what they have available here.

What Should I Look for in a PLR Membership?

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when comparing PLR memberships.

- Fresh, quality content written by writers with experience in your target market and your language
- Membership price that fits your budget
- Limited membership (if the site offers only a set amount of members then there's no need to worry about competing with hundreds or thousands of other website owners.)
- Variety of content (Some memberships offer more than just articles to their customers. Examples include: reviews, special reports and even mini email courses) 
- Be sure to read and understand the terms of the PLR site to fully understand how you are allowed to use the content. (many have different rules)

How can using PLR benefit me, as an affiliate?

As an affiliate PLR content can be your best friend.  Because you can rework the content as little or as much as you want, you can use the same piece for different things.  Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with one article.

* Rework it or just use it as a starting point for an idea and post it on your website to promote a product.

* Rework it again, and promote that same product with it in an email to your mailing list.

*Combine a bunch of different reworked articles on the same topic and turn it into a special report to give away as a bonus for customers. 

Here's a report that tells you
exactly how to use PLR content to create special reports!

PLR Secrets: How to Use PLR to Create Money Making Reports
(note* this is a pdf file.  You will need Adobe Reader in order to open the file.  Don't have it? Click here to get it free!)

That's not all...

Listen to this free audio done by PLR experts Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean!

PLR 101 Audio - Learn How to Use PLR to Make Money!

The possibilities are endless for incorporating PLR content into your affiliate promotions, so use your creativity and see what you can come up with that makes your visitors convert to buyers.


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