Real Life Guidance Graphics

Here are some buttons and banners available to place on your site to promote the Real Life Guidance Guides. 

To place the graphics on your page, simply copy and paste the following code into the HTML portion of your website editor.

Replace the XXXX with your affiliate ID provided to you when you signed up for the program or grab your link by logging into your account.

Quick Links: General Graphics | SuperMom | Family Time | Understand Your Teen | Balance Work & Family | High School

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Promote the Real Life Guidance Guides with these graphics:


301 x 140 pixel graphic code is below:


Real Life Guidance

125 x 125 pixel graphic code is below
(replaces "125 x 125 button" in Google Adsense"):


Promote "Getting out of the SuperMom Trap"
with these graphics:





Promote "Finding More Family Time"
with these graphics:




Promote "Understanding Your Teen"
with these graphics:





Promote "Balancing Work & Family"
with these graphics:






Promote "Helping Your Teen with High School"
with these graphics:




If you need assistance with placing these graphics on your site, email us and we'll be happy to help.


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