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Ideas for Family Time Activities

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By Aurelia Williams, author of Finding More Family Time

Family time is becoming an activity that is rarely seen these days with both parents working and not enough time to spend with the kids. In many homes these days, children are booked with activities spanning from school, to sports to church and parents are busy with work.  It seems that it gets harder and harder to schedule valuable family time.

Well, itís time to change that. Even though life seems hectic and you may feel this just canít be done; it is possible if you put your mind to it. Find at least one night a week where all of you can get together and do something fun as a family. If youíre new to the family night thing and donít know what to do; here are some ideas to help you get started (and there are more in my instantly downloadable guide, Real Life Guidance to Finding More Family Time):

Play a board game - Scrabble and Monopoly are popular board games that the whole family can play together. You can have fun teaching your kids new words or how to count money, while having fun. Let your kids win once in awhile. They would like nothing more than to be able to win against their own parents and have fun taunting you about it as well. This will help them want to look forward to the next family night, so they can beat you again.

Fly a Kite -If the weather is nice, try going to your Local Park and flying kites. Itís a nice fun activity that doesnít cost much to do and keeps your kids active, instead of them sitting in front of a T.V. playing their video games.

Play Sports - Spend some time outside and shoot some baskets or play catch with a baseball. Sports activities are a good way to get your kids and yourselves exercising. Sports make exercising more fun than doing a regular routine of walking or running.

Baking - If the weather is bad outside and you need to find something to do inside, spend that time baking cookies or brownies. You could try out a new recipe or just have fun making an old favorite. The kids can get involved with decorating the cookies if their too young to do much else. While youíre waiting for the cookies or whatever youíre making to get done, you can play a game of charades and act out your favorite things to see if everyone else can guess.

Scrapbooking - Have some fun photos of the family that you want to do something fun with? Scrapbooking is an excellent way for a family to get together and showcase those photos in a unique way. Itís a way for your children to use their creativity by creating the pages that the photos will be placed on.

There are many more activities a family could do together, but these will help you get started. Once you get into it, youíll find your own activities to do. If you set aside the same night every week, for family time, such as Wednesday night; your family can plan a week ahead of time what you will do for the next family night. Make it a tradition and get the family back together again.

Need More Help?

Find even more family ideas in the Real Life Guidance to Finding More Family Time. This practical guide will show you how to set reasonable expectations for all family members, balance work and life, get organized and more. Click here for more info.


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