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Real Life Affiliate Training:
Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Skills

Affiliate Training Manual

Trianing GuideTo help you with promoting the Real Life products and to hone your all-around affiliate marketing skills, we've put together the Real Life Affiliate Manual.

This 13-step guide will get you well on the way to affiliate success and covers:

Getting to know the products.

Crafting your own affiliate promos for better response rates.

A note about graphics and why you need more.

How to write effective product reviews.

Using articles to promote products.

...and a bunch more.

Click here to download your free guide (PDF)


30-Day Affiliate Blueprint

If youíre new to affiliate marketing and have trouble taking action or get stuck on what to do next, youíll find this helpful. It includes product activities to take part in for the next 30 days.

Click here to download your free blueprint (PDF)

How to Set Up Tracking Links

Tracking links is important to determine the success of your various campaigns, promotional tools, etc. This illustrated guide shows you exactly how to track your links using our affiliate system.

Click here to download your tracking instructions (PDF)

Creative Ideas for Using Branded Reports

Reports that you can brand with your affiliate link can be a very effective tool, not only to sell the target product, but to boost your own marketing too. This quick article gives you ideas for using your branded reports.

Click here to read and print out your tips (PDF)

NEW! How to Set Up Your Google Adsense Alternate Ads

Maximize all your ad space and ensure you're still earning when Google is unable to show ads. Check out this video tutorial to find out how to set up your graphic codes so they appear when no other ads do.

Click here to watch (video)

Appealing to Your Target Market: Make More Sales as an Affiliate Marketer

Knowing who you're marketing to is crucial for any business. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to warm up prospects and make connections with your audience that a retailer can't always do. It's doubly important that you understand your target market and this short guide will show you how.

Click here to download Appealing to Your Target Market (PDF)


20 List Building Ideas

This is a quick-reference guide with 20 ideas to build your opt-in mailing list. As an affiliate marketer, your list is one of the biggest assets you can own. Grow yours with the tips in this guide.

Click here to download 20 List Building Ideas (PDF)


10 Tips for More Response from Your Affiliate Marketing

Itís one thing to build a mailing list, but if they arenít responsive, itís tough to make things work. Use the 10 tips in this guide to get your readers to pay attention and take action.

Click here to download your 10 email tips (PDF)






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